Thursday, 8 December 2016

Mabel & Mu Christmas Bow Ties!

Morning everyone, and Happy Friday!

Today I thought I'd share some photos of the doggies in their Christmas bow ties, which I bought last month from Mabel & Mu. I had some gingerbread collars from Fur N Fabric, and these gorgeous bow ties look SO cute on them! They were so reasonably priced, and this particular fabric is lovely and sturdy. I also ordered a different winter design for Winnie which she's worn to death, she wore it to the Christmas Market yesterday too!

I will definitely be buying more from Mabel & Mu in future, as the dogs need more everyday bow ties... I honestly used to laugh at people who dressed up their dogs; if only I knew then what I know now!

Are you a bow tie fan?

Chloé, Archie & Winnie

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Best Friends and Frosty Days

Hi all!

How is it already the 7th December?! The month is flying by, and it'll be Christmas before we know it. Today's post is just a little impromptu one, sharing some photos that I took on a walk with friends a few weeks ago. The dogs get walked every day, but I have to be honest and say that when I walk them alone, it's not always an enjoyable experience for me. Before we got Winnie, Archie was the perfect little pup in public. Unfortunately, getting a second dog coincided with all his hormones hitting, and it was like someone replaced my little one overnight! At home he's cuddly and wonderful, but in public he now barks and barks at every other dog he sees... and sometimes people as well. All this means that he can't be trusted off-lead any more, which is just rubbish. (You can see his lead draped over the other dogs in the above photo, it's from Devil Dood Designs!)

Thankfully, we have a lovely little daxie friend named Bernie who we go on weekly walks with, and both Winnie and Archie love him (a totally novelty in this house... Winnie hates any dog who isn't Archie, or a fellow Dachshund.) Meeting Bernie and his Mum has been such a lifesaver for me, as not only do the dogs have a friend to play with, but walks are much more enjoyable for me with an extra pair of eyes to look out for potential issues (read; other dogs, cyclists or joggers!) and someone to chat away to. Plus... we get super cute photos of our little trio. 

We're hoping to take Winnie and Bernie to a Christmas market tomorrow: I'd normally take Archie too, but he doesn't like crowds! I feel so mean leaving him at home, but I know he'd rather have a playdate with my parents' dogs anyway. I'm hoping to get some Christmassy photos of the dogs, and will share them here if I do!

Do you have any tips for stopping your dog from barking?

Chloé, Archie and Winnie

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide | Chloe Suzanne Designs Bandanas!

Hello all!

I'm back today with some more gift ideas! Sorry to bombard you with so many ideas all in a row, I just figured they'd be more useful to you at the beginning of the month. This time, I'm doing a little shameless promo for my own etsy shop. I had a quick look back through the blog before sitting down to write this post, and although I mentioned it here and there, I've never actually dedicated a post to my etsy shop. My little corner of the internet, Chloe Suzanne Designs, started in July as a way to make a little extra money whilst I was off work. I sold stationery and planner bits and bobs primarily, and that was that. However, my mum is a bit of a whizz with a sewing machine, and she wondered if I might sell a few bandanas for her that she'd made. Soon, the bandanas became our most popular product!

We've had quite a few Christmas designs so far this year, with new ones being churned out all the time. In these photos Archie and Winnie are modelling my favourite his and hers fabrics (sadly now out of stock) but I'll include some photos of designs we had/have in the shop! My mum is honestly fabulous at making these... they're beautifully stitched and personally, I think they're fabulous quality. They've all been tested on our own dogs (we have five between us, all different shapes and sizes!) and I'm so proud of the little business we're creating. 

We still have lots of Christmas bits available, and I'd love if you'd go and take a peek. All orders placed in December will come in Christmassy packaging, and they'll be posted first class so that hopefully they'll reach you quickly! I'm also offering my readers 15% off with the code BLOGMAS, to say a big thank you for supporting both my blog and shop. 

Have you ordered from us before?

Chloé, Archie and Winnie

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide | Devil Dood Designs

Hi all!

Today we're writing another little Christmas gift suggestion post, but this one will focus entirely on a new Etsy shop, run by our friend Emily and her gorgeous doggies, Colin and Rhapsody. Devil Dood Designs sells high quality paracord collars and leads, and they've recently launched Christmas hampers too. The hampers look absolutely incredible, and Mum is super sad that she doesn't have enough pennies at the moment! 

In October we visited a pumpkin patch with Emily and the gang, and we picked up the gorgeous DDD collar for Winnie that we'd won in their giveaway. We chatted about how Archie has a teeny tiny neck, and how hard it is to find collars that fit him. Emily very kindly said she'd like to make him a collar to try out a thinner design for smaller dogs, and to top it off, we even received two matching leads! In fact, we did a little swap; you may see some of my bandanas popping up on Adventures of Doodles! Archie's set has the fabulous reflective cord upgrade, which is perfect for those wintry evening walks. Here's some info from Emily's shop:

"For anyone that doesn’t know, paracord is one of the strongest materials available for making collars. It has a breaking strength of 550 lbs, these accessories are made to withstand even the strongest dog. Paracord is also fantastic in that it is machine washable. No messing around with hand washing or special cycles, just chuck your accessories in with your muddy dog towels and then leave to air dry. These collars are built to last. I made Colin his first one nearly two years ago now and it still looks as good as new!"

I wanted to include all these photos of the dogs actually using the collars/leads out on a woodland walk, as personally I love to see how items look "in action". It's hard to see Archie's collar because of his fluffy little head, but Winnie models hers beautifully here and I think you can see just how fab they look on. I love both styles (Winnie's is adjustable, Archie's isn't) and I think they wear really well.The fact that the items are machine-washable is a huge pull for me, as well as the fact that Emily has such a huge range of colours and designs. The prices are so reasonable, the quality is fabulous, and they'd make a perfect gift for the dog in your life this Christmas. We already have a little list of things we want to order next!

Let me know if you make a purchase!

Chloé, Archie and Winnie

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

We're Doing Blogmas! (Kind Of)

Hi all, happy December!

Archie's right, his Mummy does indeed love Christmas. This year I've decided to, sort of, do Blogmas! At the moment I'm planning to write a blog post every day, but on alternate blogs (for those who don't know, I have a neglected craft blog, which you can find here.) So one day I'll post here, and one day I'll post there... so on and so forth. I thought this would be the best way to do things, as it gives me free days to add in any posts that I spontaneously want to write, fitting them in around the ones I've already pre-planned. I hope this all makes sense!

As you can see, the dogs have got their advent calendars and Christmas dinner from Lily's Kitchen, and we're so ready for December! As for the blog, I've got a few gift guides, winter essentials, christmas photoshoots and lots of other festive fun planned, I really hope you'll join me along the way. I'm also doing Vlogmas on my youtube channel, so you can see more of the dogs there!

Eeek, it's nearly Christmas guys!!

Chloé, Archie and Winnie

Christmas Gift Guide | The Luxury Edition

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first Christmas gift guide of the season! We've decided to start with the luxurious; things I'd love to gift the doggies in my life, if only I could. These items are all absolutely stunning, I've seen a few in person and they're just beautiful. 

(Photos borrowed from the wonderful Fachshund, with permission of course!)

I've been following Slumbering Hound for a while, but recently my friend Jaime posted about Lily's beautiful new snuggle bed, and it's now top of my Christmas wishlist! Our rehomed daxie Winnie went from very overweight to slightly underweight at quite a rapid pace, and the poor girl really feels the cold. (Don't worry, she's been vet-checked; her body just wasn't prepared for good food and long walks when we rescued her, so she dropped the weight quicker than any of us expected!) She spends her days snuggled up in her donut bed, in her equafleece, or buried under a blanket... I just know that she'd absolutely adore one of these beds. They look to be beautifully made, and so lovely and warm. They can even be personalised; what a wonderful gift that would make for your pooch!

Ohhhh Teddy Maximus, how I love you. Archie has a bow tie from Teddy Maximus which is just adorable, and I've always drooled over the coats and beds, but they've recently started selling the most beautiful harnesses. This specific style of harness, with a stomach strap and chest strap, is the style that fits Winnie perfectly, and so this gorgeous Pink Shetland Wool offering just had to be featured in this post. Doesn't Teddy model it beautifully for their website? I'd just die of happiness if I got my mitts on one of these beauties. 

Next we have one of our firm favourites, Broughton & Co. They not only make the most amazing collars and leads, but you can also get engraved love lock ID tags, dog scarves and gifts for humans too! They are just the epitome of luxury, gorgeous leather, exquisite stitching, hand-stamped personalisation and adorable packaging to boot. These collars are most definitely made to last, and I'm determined to get one for Winnie at some point. 

Just look at these hampers! Devil Dood Designs released their Christmas hampers a few days ago, and they're absolutely jam-packed with goodies. I particularly love the exclusive festive collars, and the Simply Handmade Tags ID tags. The hampers come in a variety of options; Ultimate and Mini first of all, and then you can purchase a hamper with goodies for 2 or 3-dog households! They look to be incredible value for money, and it's definitely one of, if not the best, hamper we've seen released this year.

So there you have it, our luxury Christmas gift guide. Don't forget to pop back and see the rest of our festive posts and gift guides, starting tomorrow!

Chloé, Archie and Winnie

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Equafleece | Our Winter Essentials

Hi all, happy weekend!

I have lots of festive posts planned for the next month, but I thought I'd also start a little mini series to share some of our winter essentials. First up is Winnie's Equafleece, which arrived a few weeks ago and has been a complete godsend!

I'd never heard of Equafleece until I got a dachshund; Archie has lots of jumpers and fleeces from various places, but I'd never come across this particular company before. Lots of owners were posting about them in the daxie facebook groups, as dachshunds are notorious for hating cold weather... people were looking for a product that would keep their babies cosy! I decided to give one a go as it's been nigh on impossible to find jumpers that fit Winnie properly, and I'm so glad I did.

Once I had Winnie's measurements (the most important one is the measurement from breastbone to base of tail) I found the website really easy to use. I went for an 18-20 inch slim dachsie jumper, as Win is very long and very thin! Length-wise it's perfect, and I love that her legs can't get stuck inside the jumper... believe me, this happens every time I try to put any other kind of jumper on her. It's been perfect for our recent wintry walks, but with daxies being so sensitive to the cold I know it'll be used all year round.

I love it so much that I think I'm going to get a couple more; I'd really like a mulberry one next, and maybe a red one for little Archie pup.

What are your winter essentials? We can't wait to share more of ours with you.

Chloé, Winnie and Archie