Friday, 27 May 2016

House Training Hell | Archie's Toilet Woes


Soooo I'm here today with a little bit of "real talk". House training. Furthermore... house training a toy breed. Is it even possible?! Should I just give up and run away to Timbuktu and never look back?! House training, guys. I can't do it.

I said in our little intro post; my family have always had dogs. Back in 2004 my Dad actually bred one of our spaniels, (not something I'm so crazy about these days), and they were all house trained just fine. In fact, all our puppies except one picked up house training almost immediately. Archie, though? This pup spends ten minutes playing outside, and then comes inside to pee or poop on the floor... I've never known anything like it. 

He has set mealtimes and we're crate training him (which is going abysmally, by the way), and I try and take him out every 20/30 minutes to no avail. Such a monkey. I can't complain TOO much, I suppose we set him up for failure by having puppy pads dotted around, and on the whole he at least goes on the pads, but he eats so much grass during his garden adventures that he gives himself a dodgy tummy; lovely to clean up multiple times a day! Let's not talk about the fact that last night, he had what I can only describe as a poo party in his pen. 

Pray for patience for me, and less diarrhoea for Archie, bleh. It's a good thing I adore this little dog so much, I tell ya. 

Chloé and Archie

PS: Is anyone going to Dog Fest in Windsor next month? I'm taking my younger brother for his birthday, and Archie will of course be with us! 


  1. The toy breeders are harder but he'll get there...keep going! ����

    1. Haha I can only hope he'll get there in the end! :)