Monday, 30 May 2016

Sniffing out Sunday #1 | 23-29th May 2016

(In case you couldn't tell... this was supposed to be posted yesterday. Oops.)

On my personal blog I used to have a feature called "Sunday Snippets", where I posted a collage and recap of the week's events. I thought that might be fun for Archie's blog, especially whilst he's a puppy and is growing like a weed!

  • Archie turned 10 weeks old this week!
  • He spent lots of time with his Auntie Ruby dog, and yep, she still jumps on his head.
  • He's still pooing and peeing wherever the heck he wants to, haha.
  • There was lots of snuggling and lots of selfie-taking!
  • We went to see Nanny and Grandad almost every day.
  • He's getting much better in the car.
  • Archie got his first clothing items this week; I know, I'm terrible.
  • He tried sausage and bacon for the first time (only a tiny taste)
  • He spent an afternoon with his uncles for the first time! (Mummy was a nervous wreck)
I hope you liked seeing a little snippet of Archie's week! I really hope to keep this up. Have you had a good week?

ChloƩ and Archie

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