Thursday, 30 June 2016

Guru Pet Food Field Bones! | Review

Good morning all!

As promised, I have another little review for you. When we attended Dog Fest on the 25th, I was so super excited to visit the Guru Pet Food stand. I'd heard so many amazing things about the brand and their cold pressed food, and many of my favourite doggy instagram accounts work regularly with Guru. 

Their stand didn't disappoint! We visited it as we were leaving, and it was easily one of the most impressive at the event. It was huge and so well done, with posh arm chairs and a fab wall of fame. I wish I'd taken a photo, but it was pouring with rain and poor Archie was exhausted after our busy day.

I visited the stand with the intention of buying some field bones; Archie is only 15 weeks so he's a massive chewer, but it's difficult to find things that he actually WANTS to chew. He's so fussy, it's almost unbelievable. I've heard so many fab things about the bones, and the fact that they can also double up as a meal totally appealed to me. Archie really grazes on food; he doesn't often finish a meal, so I thought these could be a great alternative... especially if we're travelling! Here's a little info from the Guru website, which you can find here, that really convinced me to make a purchase. You won't find any of the following in Guru products:

  • No chemical additives or artificial colours
  • No preservatives
  • No GM products
  • No gluten
  • No animal testing
Just in case he didn't like them, I only picked up two of the little ones (£1.99 for the pair.)

I'm pleased to report that Archie absolutely loved his first Guru bone. He went crazy for it, and as you can see, he wouldn't let me take a decent photo! He didn't want to let go of it, bless him. I'm so glad I bought some, as I'm pretty sure I've found the perfect travel companion for us. We often go to my parent's holiday caravan at the coast, and these will be ideal for popping in my bag when we go on a day trip. I'll definitely be buying more!

Have you ever tried Guru products? 

Chloé & Archie

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ditsy Pet Collar and Lead! | Review

Hello! I hope you're having a good Wednesday. Today's post is going to be a little review of a new collar, lead and bow tie that I bought for Archie at Dog Fest on Saturday. The photography for these coming reviews isn't my best, I must admit... Archie isn't always the most willing model (read, I had to bribe him with food this day! Haha) and I had to work with the dark sofa, and a low-lit room.

I had heard of Ditsy Pet before, and they were on my list to visit at the show. Their stall was set up beautifully, with everything clearly on display, and I could have browsed for ages! There were leads, collars, bandanas, bow ties... and upon looking at their website I've discovered they even sell harnesses! As soon as I spotted this tartan collar, I had to have it. I've always thought tartan would look great on Archie, and I've had my eye on a few collars from different sellers, but I just couldn't resist this one once I saw it in the flesh. The major pull for me was that I could buy the full matching set! 

Look how cute they are! I absolutely love the bow tie; they come in two sizes, and the little one is absolutely perfect for Archie. It's a standard slip on one, and looks adorable on his collar. It's all beautifully made too, the stitching is perfect, the bow tie is lovely and sturdy and the lead is really soft on your hands.

 I just can't wait to use this set at Christmas! Although having said that, he's been wearing it all week anyway. I think he looks absolutely adorable, if I do say so myself.

Have a good evening, and make sure you check out Ditsy Pet! 

Chloé and Archie

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Dog Fest Re-Cap! | Windsor, #teamsouth


I'm sorry for being so absent; the last few weeks have been super busy, and I've just opened up my own etsy shop... it took up a lot of my time, but now it's all up and running, blogging should be a lot easier to fit in.

I had to write a little post about Saturday though; My brother and I took Archie to Dog Fest in Windsor, and had a really fab time. There were so many stalls and lovely things to buy, and buy I did! Everything has now been photographed, so get ready for lots of review posts over the next few weeks. 

We met the lovely Jaime, who blogs over at Fachshund, and the beautiful Lily. They inspired us to set up Archie's instagram account and this blog, so it was so nice to meet them. Lily is so beautiful! Lots of people stopped to fuss over Archie too, I felt like such a proud mum. He also won a little contest for waggiest tail, so he now has two rosettes to his name, bless him.

I thought I'd include some photos of things I probably won't write separate posts on. Whilst at Dog Fest I subscribed to Dogs Today and Dogs Monthly; I got my first issues there and then, can't wait to flick through them with a cuppa. We were also given a free, full size pack of Greenies chews. I was so excited; Archie LOVES these, they're one of the only things he really enjoys chewing on.

I may have gone over budget by buying myself a rain coat (it poured down for some of the day!) and I may not have been able to hear the entire talk from the legendary Super Vet himself, but we still had a really great day, and I will absolutely be going back next year.

Did you go to Dog Fest? Were you #teamnorth or #teamsouth? 

Chloé and Archie

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Sniffing out Sunday #3 | 6th-12th June 2016

Could I be any more of a fail? Sniffing out Sunday... on a Wednesday. Oops!

Last week was a reasonably chilled one; 

  • Archie turned 12 weeks old this week!
  • He had his second injection on Thursday, and was such a brave boy.
  • He's now decided to start eating his poo. Great.
  • Whilst on the subject of toileting, you guessed it. Still no improvement with house training.
  • He enjoyed his first pub garden experience!
  • He was entered into his first little fun dog show, and won first prize in his class!

How has your week been?

Chloé and Archie

Friday, 10 June 2016

Beach Bum Puppy

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry there hasn't been a "proper" post this week, I've been so busy with various bits and bobs! There's no point to this post other than to say that 1) these photos are so stinking cute and 2) is there anything better than taking your dog to the beach? Archie's now been 3 times and I just love taking him... hopefully we'll be going again next week!

In other news, Archie's entered into his first little fun dog show tomorrow... I'll keep you updated!

Chloé and Archie

Monday, 6 June 2016

Sniffing out Sunday #2 | 30th May- 5th June 2016

Let's just go ahead and say that this feature will be posted on Monday, heh.

  • Archie turned 11 weeks old this week!
  • He had his first, second AND third trips to the beach, lucky pup.
  • Sadly, there's still no improvement with house-training. Please tell me he'll get it eventually?!
  • He's getting less interested in snuggles; he likes it when he's tired, but I think he's getting fed up of being carried around.
  • He got a new toy worm that he loves more than cheese.
  • He's now a pro at car travel, including long journeys.
  • He walked on a lead for the first time (in the garden of my parents' caravan)
  • He visited his first arcade (and slept through the whole experience whilst strangers took photos of him!)
  • He met mummy's favourite vlogger, Brogan Tate!
It was a good week for Archie overall. How was yours?

Chloé and Archie

Friday, 3 June 2016

Barks and Bijoux Purchases! | ID Tag


I apologise in advance... this is going to be a long, photo-heavy post. I received my first Barks & Bijoux order the other day, and just couldn't get over the absolutely beautiful packaging, and all the little extras; I had to photograph everything.

First of all, even the outside packaging and bubble-wrap stickers were gorgeous. Gold with polka dots? Yes! Such a gorgeous touch, and perfect for girly people like me who love the little details.

I told you this post would be photo-heavy, haha. Just LOOK at the packaging! The extras! I honestly couldn't get over it, I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over every little detail. There was a little package of Pooch & Mutt treats for Archie (which he loves, we have several tubs of them and they're the only treats I give him) and some chocolates for me! Little things like that make the whole process of opening the parcel so exciting and enjoyable, honestly I was blown away. You also get a complimentary polishing pad when you order a tag, which is great.

Before I show you the gorgeous tag I bought, I thought I would show you my other purchase... the most beautiful little bracelet. I think it's meant to commemorate a pet that you've lost, however I opted to put Archie's initial on it instead, with a pawprint stamped on the reverse of the heart. As far as I can remember you can have up to three hearts on the bracelet, and the stamping didn't cost me any extra money. It came with a beautiful dust bag, and the box's packaging included a free tag for your dog's collar! That cute little bone with "WOOF" stamped on it. 

Finally, here is that beautiful tag. Archie has his own instagram account, so when I saw this "insta famous" tag for just £8.50 I HAD to have it. Again, you can see that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and a wonderful touch (that I can't show you for security reasons), is the fact that you can have your name, address and phone number stamped onto the tag for free. By law, even if microchipped, your dog is required to wear a collar with an ID tag that has your details on. I think it's brilliant that Barks and Bijoux offer this service, and my Mum loved it so much that she then ordered one for our cocker spaniel Ruby, too. I'm currently waiting on the same tag in aluminium to arrive, which will look better with the silver on Archie's puppy collar; I can't wait!

All in all, I'm really impressed with my order and will most definitely be ordering again. They also have lots more bits for us owners, so be sure to check them out!

Chloé and Archie

All items in this post were purchased with my own money, and I am not affiliated with Barks and Bijoux.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pancho's Wardrobe Haul!

A little disclaimer before we start... Archie is indeed sat on the kitchen side. It was cleaned straight afterwards, don't you worry!

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share a few recent purchases with you, from a fairly new small business called Pancho's Wardrobe. I started following their instagram account after seeing a few photos of chihuahuas in adorable little t-shirts; exactly the sort of thing I wanted to pick up for Archie. 

After chatting with the owner, Alexis, I decided to order this navy and white stripe sailor shirt. It's a size XXS and fits him perfectly (sadly that means it won't fit him for very long, but oh well... It's an excuse to buy more!) At only £12.50 I feel like it was a bit of a bargain; Pets at Home t-shirts (which I also have a few of) are at least £10 each and don't compare quality-wise! 

I also bought him a little neckerchief! Alexis hasn't actually released these yet as far as I know, I believe they're an exclusive product for Dog Fest this month, but she very kindly let me purchase one anyway. It is SO gorgeous and well made, and my favourite thing about it is that it's reversible. It's the perfect size for Archie, and I've already put some money away so I can pick him up some more at Dog Fest. It was £7.50 so again, for the quality, it was a bargain.

I really love the design of the t-shirts. They're cap sleeved, so the dogs aren't bothered by the material on their legs and they don't chew it... well, Archie doesn't anyway! They also have an elasticated bit around the belly for a nice comfy fit, and it stops at just the right place under their tummy so they can't pee on it! Archie wore his t-shirt all day, with a harness over the top, on Monday at the seaside and he wasn't bothered at all. He looked absolutely adorable too!

All in all, I'd thoroughly recommend Pancho's Wardrobe. I can't wait to see them at Dog Fest and buy a few more bits: I've got my eye on a little jacket for him next, they're adorable. They also cater to much bigger dogs, right up to Whippet size, so make sure to check them out even if you have a larger pup!

Chloé and Archie