Friday, 3 June 2016

Barks and Bijoux Purchases! | ID Tag


I apologise in advance... this is going to be a long, photo-heavy post. I received my first Barks & Bijoux order the other day, and just couldn't get over the absolutely beautiful packaging, and all the little extras; I had to photograph everything.

First of all, even the outside packaging and bubble-wrap stickers were gorgeous. Gold with polka dots? Yes! Such a gorgeous touch, and perfect for girly people like me who love the little details.

I told you this post would be photo-heavy, haha. Just LOOK at the packaging! The extras! I honestly couldn't get over it, I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over every little detail. There was a little package of Pooch & Mutt treats for Archie (which he loves, we have several tubs of them and they're the only treats I give him) and some chocolates for me! Little things like that make the whole process of opening the parcel so exciting and enjoyable, honestly I was blown away. You also get a complimentary polishing pad when you order a tag, which is great.

Before I show you the gorgeous tag I bought, I thought I would show you my other purchase... the most beautiful little bracelet. I think it's meant to commemorate a pet that you've lost, however I opted to put Archie's initial on it instead, with a pawprint stamped on the reverse of the heart. As far as I can remember you can have up to three hearts on the bracelet, and the stamping didn't cost me any extra money. It came with a beautiful dust bag, and the box's packaging included a free tag for your dog's collar! That cute little bone with "WOOF" stamped on it. 

Finally, here is that beautiful tag. Archie has his own instagram account, so when I saw this "insta famous" tag for just £8.50 I HAD to have it. Again, you can see that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and a wonderful touch (that I can't show you for security reasons), is the fact that you can have your name, address and phone number stamped onto the tag for free. By law, even if microchipped, your dog is required to wear a collar with an ID tag that has your details on. I think it's brilliant that Barks and Bijoux offer this service, and my Mum loved it so much that she then ordered one for our cocker spaniel Ruby, too. I'm currently waiting on the same tag in aluminium to arrive, which will look better with the silver on Archie's puppy collar; I can't wait!

All in all, I'm really impressed with my order and will most definitely be ordering again. They also have lots more bits for us owners, so be sure to check them out!

Chloé and Archie

All items in this post were purchased with my own money, and I am not affiliated with Barks and Bijoux.

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