Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pancho's Wardrobe Haul!

A little disclaimer before we start... Archie is indeed sat on the kitchen side. It was cleaned straight afterwards, don't you worry!

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share a few recent purchases with you, from a fairly new small business called Pancho's Wardrobe. I started following their instagram account after seeing a few photos of chihuahuas in adorable little t-shirts; exactly the sort of thing I wanted to pick up for Archie. 

After chatting with the owner, Alexis, I decided to order this navy and white stripe sailor shirt. It's a size XXS and fits him perfectly (sadly that means it won't fit him for very long, but oh well... It's an excuse to buy more!) At only £12.50 I feel like it was a bit of a bargain; Pets at Home t-shirts (which I also have a few of) are at least £10 each and don't compare quality-wise! 

I also bought him a little neckerchief! Alexis hasn't actually released these yet as far as I know, I believe they're an exclusive product for Dog Fest this month, but she very kindly let me purchase one anyway. It is SO gorgeous and well made, and my favourite thing about it is that it's reversible. It's the perfect size for Archie, and I've already put some money away so I can pick him up some more at Dog Fest. It was £7.50 so again, for the quality, it was a bargain.

I really love the design of the t-shirts. They're cap sleeved, so the dogs aren't bothered by the material on their legs and they don't chew it... well, Archie doesn't anyway! They also have an elasticated bit around the belly for a nice comfy fit, and it stops at just the right place under their tummy so they can't pee on it! Archie wore his t-shirt all day, with a harness over the top, on Monday at the seaside and he wasn't bothered at all. He looked absolutely adorable too!

All in all, I'd thoroughly recommend Pancho's Wardrobe. I can't wait to see them at Dog Fest and buy a few more bits: I've got my eye on a little jacket for him next, they're adorable. They also cater to much bigger dogs, right up to Whippet size, so make sure to check them out even if you have a larger pup!

ChloƩ and Archie

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