Monday, 6 June 2016

Sniffing out Sunday #2 | 30th May- 5th June 2016

Let's just go ahead and say that this feature will be posted on Monday, heh.

  • Archie turned 11 weeks old this week!
  • He had his first, second AND third trips to the beach, lucky pup.
  • Sadly, there's still no improvement with house-training. Please tell me he'll get it eventually?!
  • He's getting less interested in snuggles; he likes it when he's tired, but I think he's getting fed up of being carried around.
  • He got a new toy worm that he loves more than cheese.
  • He's now a pro at car travel, including long journeys.
  • He walked on a lead for the first time (in the garden of my parents' caravan)
  • He visited his first arcade (and slept through the whole experience whilst strangers took photos of him!)
  • He met mummy's favourite vlogger, Brogan Tate!
It was a good week for Archie overall. How was yours?

ChloƩ and Archie

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