Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pancho's Wardrobe | Our Latest Haul!


It's no secret... we love Pancho's Wardrobe. We ordered from the lovely Alexis back when we first brought Archie home, and I just fell in love with the style, fit and quality of their products. I wrote a review of our first purchase HERE as I loved them so much, and when I found out they had a stall at Dog Fest, I was over there like a shot.

Alexis very kindly gifted us the t-shirt in the photo above; it's a size XS and will hopefully fit Archie for a while. His other t-shirt is an XXS and is now a bit tight around his legs, so I thought the next one up would be better! The fit of their clothes is just perfect; I never thought I'd be someone who dressed up their dog (and I must admit, he only wears clothes if it's cold or wet) but I feel zero guilt with these; Alexis has spent so much time getting the design just right, and they don't bother Archie at all.

As you can see, he's totally relaxed whilst wearing these t-shirts, and that's unusual for him! He spent a whole day wearing his navy striped sailor shirt from the previous post; he travelled in the car, played on the beach, had several naps etc and was comfortable all day.

We also picked up our first sweatshirt. I loved how thick and snuggly this felt; Archie is really quite small and even in July, (not that we're having much of a summer), he shivers at the slightest drop in temperature. We went out for an evening dinner the other day so I popped this on under his harness, and he was toasty warm. Again, the design is perfect, there's no excess fabric around their legs and chest if that makes sense, and it keeps Archie warm without being too bulky.

Lastly, we picked up another tie-on bandana. I absolutely love these; they're so well made and don't feel flimsy at all. I think our Aztec one is still my favourite, but Archie looks SO cute in this Bears and Arrows reversible print. Everyone comments on how cute it is whenever he wears it, and I totally agree!

Have you purchased from Pancho's Wardrobe yet? I've still got my eye on their Swallows jacket, and their new range of treat bags!

ChloƩ & Archie

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