Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dog-Friendly Travel | A Day in the Costwolds

Hello all!

We have lots of lovely photos to share with you today. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I celebrated our three year anniversary, and we wanted to take Archie on a little day out. We posted on twitter asking for dog friendly suggestions, and Steph of Stephanie Dreams suggested the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. I had no idea that such a wonderful wildlife park was only an hour or so away; we loved the look of it and headed off bright and early the next morning.

We had a really fab time. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere in the grounds; as far as I can remember, the only places they're not permitted are areas that have free-ranging animals, and inside any buildings. This didn't affect us at all, because when I wanted to have a wander through Wolf Woods or the Lemur Walk, my boyfriend took Archie off to get a drink or a treat whilst I was gone. Of course, if my boyfriend wanted to go into an exhibit, then I waited with Arch. We only had to do this once or twice, as the grounds really are dog friendly and we walked him happily around the whole park. 

The park is set in acres of beautiful gardens, it's a perfect place to take your dogs as there's so much space. You can let them have a run (on lead of course) without disturbing anyone, and it would be a fabulous place to take a picnic and just relax with your family.

Anyone who knows me will be aware that animal welfare is a huge deal for me. Generally, I'm skeptical of wildlife parks and zoos, and don't even get me started on places like Sea World. I'm happy to report that the animals all seemed very content at the park, they were well-fed and had lots of stimulation in large enclosures. My favourites were the penguins and the lemurs!

After we left the wildlife park, we drove onto Burford for a late lunch. We were so happy to discover that pretty much everywhere is dog friendly! We ended up at The Mermaid which was such a pretty place, it was dog friendly of course and had lots of lovely food options. They gave us a big bowl of water for Archie, and our meal was great.

After our food, we had a little wander along the high street as I'd spotted a pet shop on the drive in. It was so cute! I *think* it was called The One with the Waggily/Waggity Tail, but there was no name on the shopfront as the lady is only there until the end of the summer. She sold some of my favourite brands, and my boyfriend bought a little toy frog for Archie after he took a shine to it. If you're in the area, I really recommend stopping by!

We hoped to head to the Cotswold Lavender fields after that, but sadly we ran out of time. I don't mind too much... it just gives us an excuse to go back! 

Overall, we had a really brilliant day. I can't wait to go on more adventures with my little family!

Chloé & Archie