Sunday, 16 October 2016

Flowers and Collars and Bows, Oh My! | The January Rose Review

Hello everyone!

Our internet is reliably working again, and I've settled into my new job, so blog posts should be far more frequent now! We're well and truly enjoying the changing of the seasons in the Murray-Prendergast household, but today I'm rewinding back to the end of August with a little share and review of one of my favourite etsy shops, The January Rose

Louise makes beautiful collars, bows, keyrings and ID tags, and my etsy basket is full to the brim of bits that I want. We got Winnie in August, and of course, I was desperate to get her some pretty accessories! I chose this beautiful Liberty floral print, and Louise handmade a bespoke collar to fit Winnie perfectly. 

It's absolutely stunning, the quality and stitching is excellent. The parcel was due to arrive on my birthday, and Louise was so generous; she included the coordinating bracelet, so Winnie and I could match! The little details are so gorgeous. I adore the "made with love" heart on the collar, and the little heart on the bracelet. I'm totally addicted now and definitely need more bows... I've got my eye on the grey herringbone one for little Archie pup. 

Please do consider checking out Louise's shop, I know for certain you'll find something that will take your fancy!

ChloƩ, Archie and Winnie

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