Saturday, 26 November 2016

Equafleece | Our Winter Essentials

Hi all, happy weekend!

I have lots of festive posts planned for the next month, but I thought I'd also start a little mini series to share some of our winter essentials. First up is Winnie's Equafleece, which arrived a few weeks ago and has been a complete godsend!

I'd never heard of Equafleece until I got a dachshund; Archie has lots of jumpers and fleeces from various places, but I'd never come across this particular company before. Lots of owners were posting about them in the daxie facebook groups, as dachshunds are notorious for hating cold weather... people were looking for a product that would keep their babies cosy! I decided to give one a go as it's been nigh on impossible to find jumpers that fit Winnie properly, and I'm so glad I did.

Once I had Winnie's measurements (the most important one is the measurement from breastbone to base of tail) I found the website really easy to use. I went for an 18-20 inch slim dachsie jumper, as Win is very long and very thin! Length-wise it's perfect, and I love that her legs can't get stuck inside the jumper... believe me, this happens every time I try to put any other kind of jumper on her. It's been perfect for our recent wintry walks, but with daxies being so sensitive to the cold I know it'll be used all year round.

I love it so much that I think I'm going to get a couple more; I'd really like a mulberry one next, and maybe a red one for little Archie pup.

What are your winter essentials? We can't wait to share more of ours with you.

Chloé, Winnie and Archie


  1. Oh so so cute! We actually just took some photos for an Equafleece post at the weekend too. I love the colour on her, cutie! xx
    Love Steph & The Spaniels

  2. Ooh those fleeces look super duper cosy.think I might have to get Welly one.....lovin the blog posts by the way
    Alison and Welly 🐶 xx

    1. Oh Welly definitely needs one! Thank you both xx