Saturday, 3 December 2016

Devil Dood Designs | Gift Guides 2016

Hi all!

Today we're writing another little Christmas gift suggestion post, but this one will focus entirely on a new Etsy shop, run by our friend Emily and her gorgeous doggies, Colin and Rhapsody. Devil Dood Designs sells high quality paracord collars and leads, and they've recently launched Christmas hampers too. The hampers look absolutely incredible, and Mum is super sad that she doesn't have enough pennies at the moment! 

In October we visited a pumpkin patch with Emily and the gang, and we picked up the gorgeous DDD collar for Winnie that we'd won in their giveaway. We chatted about how Archie has a teeny tiny neck, and how hard it is to find collars that fit him. Emily very kindly said she'd like to make him a collar to try out a thinner design for smaller dogs, and to top it off, we even received two matching leads! In fact, we did a little swap; you may see some of my bandanas popping up on Adventures of Doodles! Archie's set has the fabulous reflective cord upgrade, which is perfect for those wintry evening walks. Here's some info from Emily's shop:

"For anyone that doesn’t know, paracord is one of the strongest materials available for making collars. It has a breaking strength of 550 lbs, these accessories are made to withstand even the strongest dog. Paracord is also fantastic in that it is machine washable. No messing around with hand washing or special cycles, just chuck your accessories in with your muddy dog towels and then leave to air dry. These collars are built to last. I made Colin his first one nearly two years ago now and it still looks as good as new!"

I wanted to include all these photos of the dogs actually using the collars/leads out on a woodland walk, as personally I love to see how items look "in action". It's hard to see Archie's collar because of his fluffy little head, but Winnie models hers beautifully here and I think you can see just how fab they look on. I love both styles (Winnie's is adjustable, Archie's isn't) and I think they wear really well.The fact that the items are machine-washable is a huge pull for me, as well as the fact that Emily has such a huge range of colours and designs. The prices are so reasonable, the quality is fabulous, and they'd make a perfect gift for the dog in your life this Christmas. We already have a little list of things we want to order next!

Let me know if you make a purchase!

ChloƩ, Archie and Winnie

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