Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Treats | Wellybix!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last week before Christmas!

I'm off work now until the new year, so I've been a busy bee getting some photos taken for the blog, as blogmas got a little bit derailed didn't it! We were very kindly sent some lovely dog biscuits from Alison and Welly at Wellybix; one of our favourite small businesses. They have some fab Christmassy flavours, and I feel so guilty that I haven't had a chance to share them with you until now! The treats were beautifully packaged, and I loved the card with some of our dog blogging friends!

We received two packs of treats, in festive Chocolate and Cranberry flavours. You can purchase the duo here. Here's some info from Wellybix's website: 

      "After giving up my job as a pastry chef, initially to become a carer for my mother, I am now the proud owner of Wellybix, a thriving cottage industry making dog treats!  I hadn’t anticipated doing this at all, it just happened over night!
My business had its grounding  Christmas 2012 when I decided to bake some biscuits for my Jack Russell, Welly.  It wasn’t long before I began supplying the local hotel and holiday cottages with biscuits to give to clients who brought their pets on holiday.

Spurred on by the initial success, I set about formalising my business, coming up with the name Wellybix after my Jack Russell Welly-Bob and sending the biscuits off to a veterinary laboratory for complete nutritional analysis.

Two-year-old Welly does his bit by ensuring baking standards are met - he is my chief tester. He waits for each batch to come out of the oven and makes sure they are up to scratch!

Wellybix now supplies Pet Shops and Farm Shops in County Durham, Cumbria, North and West Yorkshire, Gloucestershie and further afield."

Alison is such a lovely lady, and the biscuits look (and smell!) fabulous. It's also extremely reassuring that the products have had a complete nutritional analysis done in a veterinary laboratory, as any good dog owner will know that it's SO important to research everything that you feed your dog. I have 100% confidence in these treats, and know that they only contain good, healthy ingredients. Archie absolutely went mad for the chocolate ones, but Winnie prefers the bone-shaped cranberry variety!

Have you tried Wellybix treats with your dogs? Let us know! 

Chloé, Archie and Winnie

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