Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Dog-Friendly Finds | The Tenth Hole, Southsea

Hello everyone, happy #woofwoofwednesday! 

This evening's post is the final installment from our recent weekend away, and this time we're doing a little review of The Tenth Hole, a tearoom and nine-hole golf course in Southsea. This is another spot recommended by our friend Bernie and his Mum, you can find their post here. When my boyfriend said he fancied playing a round of golf on the Monday morning, I remembered Mr Beau Jangle's post and knew the perfect spot! We decided to head there early, to avoid the rush, and arrived for brunch at about 10am. 

Thankfully for us, as we were visiting on a Monday morning, the café was reasonably quiet. They have a lovely outdoor seating area with water bowls and treats for dogs, so we decided to sit outside and make the most of the sunshine on our last day away. Bernie's mum tells me that the cakes there are absolutely amazing, but as we were heading to the beach afterwards and I'd given up most sweet things for Lent, I opted for the full english breakfast and a pot of tea. It was absolutely delicious, and I was served really quickly. I'll let you in on a secret though... I'm such a fussy eater and I hate herby sausages, so the dogs got the sausage all to themselves! The staff were all friendly and welcoming, even when Archie and Winnie started grumbling at each other for the last piece of sausage.. what an embarrassment they are. After breakfast I enjoyed a few more cups of tea and snuggles with the dogs, whilst Will played his round of golf.

The Tenth Hole is in an ideal spot; a short walk from other attractions (fab if you're visiting with kids, there are beautiful gardens and play parks) and of course, the beach. We had a stroll along the sea front after breakfast, and Archie even had his first swim in the sea! To end the morning we walked through the flower gardens back to the car, stopping for ice cream and a drink at the model village on the way. 

Huge thanks to the lovely Bernie and his Mum for giving us recommendations of where to visit on our weekend away, it was fab to enjoy new dog-friendly spots. Don't forget to check out their blog here, and give The Tenth Hole a like on Facebook here!

Have you visited The Tenth Hole? Let us know! 

Chloé, Archie and Winnie


  1. Love that you caught his first swim, how magical. Great read, keep doing what you are doing. xx

    1. Ah thank you so much :) yeah I was very pleased when I realised I'd caught one picture at least! Xx

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