Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dog-Friendly Finds | Winkworth Arboretum

Hi everyone!

I'd just like to preface this, by saying that all of the photos in this post were taken by the incredibly talented Amy at Aura Photographs, and she has so kindly given me permission to use them. 

The best part about dog blogging for me, has been all the wonderful friends I'm making along the way. It's even better when those friends are fairly local, and we can meet up for play dates! When Emily from Adventures of Doodles asked if I'd like to go to Winkworth Arboretum with her and Amy of Silly Tilly Poodle, I of course said yes. I absolutely love exploring new National Trust properties, and I thought it'd be great to get all the dogs back together again.

I'd never been to an arboretum before, so I wasn't sure what to expect or what the walking routes would be like. To be on the safe side, I took Winnie's carry bag with me; we'd been to the beach the day before, and her little legs definitely couldn't have dealt with another full afternoon of walking! She travelled in style for half the afternoon, and then she was able to stretch her legs and do a little bit of modelling for Emily's business Devil Dood Designs

The whole setting was beautiful, but undoubtedly the best part were the thousands of bluebells. I've honestly never seen so many in one place, they were like a carpet! I'm so thankful to Amy for snapping some photos of my two in the flowers, especially Archie, whose character she captured perfectly. We headed first to a gorgeous meadow so the pooches could have a run, and the bigger dogs made good use of the streams along the way! 

We had an absolutely lovely afternoon, and I think Archie will be lovesick over Rhapsody for a good long while, bless him! Thank you again to the girls for a fab play date, and to Amy for all the beautiful photos. 

Have you been to Winkworth Arboretum? Let us know!

Chloé, Archie and Winnie


  1. Lovely photographs, Archie's definitely looks like a cheeky chap. I wish there were some bluebells local to us, they make the most beautiful background. I hope to meet you all one day. Xx

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