Friday, 23 June 2017

Dog Fest Packing List!

Hi all!

We're off to Dog Fest South tomorrow at Knebworth House, and we thought you might want to see some of the things we're taking with us! In the photo above, you can see our snacks for the day; a packed lunch for me (I've just started Slimming World, so no tasty burger van food sadly!) and treats for the dogs. We absolutely love these Lily's Kitchen Snack Bars for big days out, and I always keep a few stashed away. I've also got a little pot of tasty bitesize treats, as we're going to be seeing several of our blogging friends and I want my two to sit nicely for photos!

I'm hoping to take both dogs with me, but I don't have a photo of Archie's "outfit" for the day. Sadly his new harness hasn't arrived in time, so I'm not sure what I'll put him in yet! Winnie on the other hand, will be looking super stylish in her new Pink Shetland Wool harness from Teddy Maximus, and a beautiful new lead from Bramble and Friends. Considering they're from different retailers, they're a match made in heaven and I cannot wait to show them off tomorrow. Of course, I've also got a little zip pouch of poo bags attached to the lovely tassel clip on the lead.

I've got this little zip bag too, with hand sanitiser, wipes and a mirror (my worst nightmare is having something on my faces/hands or whatever and not being able to get it off or wash my hands!) and I'll be taking my vlogging camera with me also. I'm trying to pack super light this year, but there are a few neccessities that I haven't pictured; obviously, I'll be taking a bottle of water, a collapsible bowl, our ticket and I'll most likely take Winnie's carrier as well. A few bandanas or bow ties might sneak into my bag for photo opportunities too!

Are you going to Dog Fest? What are your day trip neccessities?

Chloé, Archie and Winnie