Thursday, 12 October 2017

September Favourites | 2017

Hello all!

I know this is a little (lot) late, but inspired by our stylish friends over at Fachshund, we thought it might be fun to start rounding off our months with a favourites post. September was a super busy month as I went back to work after a long summer holiday, and began my Masters Degree after two years education-free! We still had time to discover some new favourites though, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Twinning in Country Chic:

I grew up in a house full of gundogs in the countryside, so I'm not unfamiliar with this look; it always reminds me of my dad's shooting gear! I love the timeless look of tweed, wool or tartan so I knew I wanted to get some harnesses for Archie and Winnie in-keeping with this style. At the beginning of the summer I nabbed Winnie this gorgeous pink shetland wool harness from Teddy Maximus, and she's worn it constantly since. It's absolutely beautiful, and the colour looks lovely on her. I find that this wrap around style definitely fits Winnie the best, as she has such a deep chest. I'm hoping to maybe pick another up in a different colour when we head to Discover Dogs this month!

Unfortunately Archie doesn't fit into Teddy Maximus harnesses, he really is such a dinky dot! However, Mutts and Hounds very kindly sent us a voucher recently, and when I browsed the website I discovered that their XS small size fits Arch like a glove! I went with the slate grey soft tweed harness, and it's just lovely. I figured this colour would go with everything, and it looks gorgeous alongside Winnie's pink Teddy Maximus number. These harnesses, along with our new Bramble and Friends leads, are definitely my favourite autumn combination!

Bramble and Friends Leads:

I've been a fan of Bramble and Friends for a long time, and we purchased our first rope lead back in May/June. We got so many compliments on it when we visited Dog Fest, and I couldn't wait to get another! When I found out that they were being discontinued for the time being, I was gutted! Just on the off-chance, I emailed Tamsyn to ask if she had any more leads lying about. Well... let's just say I bought the rest of her stock! We added six stunning new rope leads to our collection, and I have photographed a lovely autumnal number for you here. Bramble and Friends now stock a different style of lead instead of these, but I can assure you that they're absolutely gorgeous, and available in just as many fab colour combinations.

Raw Food!

Our final favourite of the month is just a general one; the raw food diet! I finally made the leap to raw with Winnie about a month ago, and initially I was feeding her Natural Instinct. My parents were seeing great results with their dogs on NI, so I figured I'd finally be brave and switch mine over. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this food (or any other pre-packaged raw complete food) but I discovered that my local butchers actually puts together a complete raw food for dogs! It's absolutely fab, the dogs are loving it, and best of all it's so much cheaper than anything else I've found... plus, I get to support a local business that has been part of my community for years.

Winnie especially has benefited from the change; she's always been affected by alopecia since I rehomed her, but some of this fur is now beginning to grow back! She's looking lovely and shiny, and she has so much energy. I'm super happy with my decision to switch them over, and won't be going back.

Have you discovered any new dog friendly favourites in the last month? Let us know!

ChloƩ, Archie and Winnie

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