Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Cosy Canine Co. | Gift Guides 2017

Hi all,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! This evening's post is going to feature one of my favourite small businesses, The Cosy Canine Company. More than a year ago I bought one of their tote bags, and it's been so useful. Whenever we take the dogs away with us we pack all their bits and bobs in it, it's been all over the place with us! We were very kindly sent one of their fabulous new dog walking bags to try out for our gift guides, and I've had so much fun using it.

Doesn't it look fab next to my dachshund tote?! First of all, I'd just like to say that the bag is such a good idea. It has several pockets, it's wipe-clean and has an integrated poo bag holder/dispenser! I keep it stocked up with poo bags, treats, wipes and other dog-walk necessities, and leave it hanging by the door so I can grab it whenever I go out. One of my favourite parts about the bag is that the strap is adjustable, so you can change it as necessary if you want to wear it cross-body, etc.

Isn't the bag cute? Of course I'm a little bit biased as it's covered in dachshunds!

Let us know what you think, 

Chloé, Archie and Winnie

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  1. Ummm precious!!! Those photos are so cute, the bag looks super handy too :)

  2. Cute photos of you all, love your Winter look and the dogs look great too! xx

  3. Well, precious! Intersection Intersection These photos are so cute, and the bag looks very convenient :)
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