Thursday, 22 February 2018

15K Thank You and Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Soooo yes, it's been a month. Apparently, I'm taking my 2018 goals pretty seriously! I decided I wanted to take a little step back from the blog and social media this year, as I was actually finding it all a bit toxic. Going out on adventures without my camera has been so liberating! Honestly, I hope everyone makes the effort this year to just put their phones/cameras down a little more. Life really isn't about likes and freebies, and it's so wonderful to just let go of it all.

Perhaps ironically then, the reason for this post is that Winnie hit 15,000 followers on instagram! That's such a huge number to me, I can't quite believe it. I many not have been on social media as much, but I still want to mark the milestone. I remember my mum saying "I'd be shocked if she hit 10k"... and now here were are at 15k! To celebrate this (and the one year anniversary of her instagram account), I thought I'd have a little giveaway.

The prize will be a bundle of goodies from my etsy shop, and I'll pick up some bits at Crufts too most likely. (Oh yes, I'm heading off to Crufts for some shopping!) To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below with your favourite aspect of dog ownership. Additionally, you can head over to Winnie's instagram and enter there, too. The giveaway will close on 11th March and the winner will be contacted privately after that date. Good luck!

ChloƩ, Archie and Winnie

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