Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Dog Friendly Networking Event | Monty and Mabel's

Hello everyone,

Today's post is going to be about a fab dog-friendly networking event we attended last Sunday, at Monty and Mabel's in Wilton. The evening was organised by Steph over at Steph & The Spaniels, and she did a brilliant job pulling it all together! With stalls to browse, talks to listen to and complimentary drinks and cake, it was perfect for both human and hound. I'm always nervous to take my two to events, as they really struggle to settle, but I took my trusty carrier and braved it with them. I'm so glad I did, as they were both pretty good. They do like to wriggle rather than settle down, but it's better than the constant barking we used to have!

As well as tea and cake for us humans (I had a delicious vegan brownie), the dogs were treated to pupcakes from Four Legged Fancies, and crisps/popcorn from Waggy Doggy Doodahs! As if that weren't enough, puppucinos and iced treats also made an appearance later on; the dogs were well and truly spoiled and they loved every minute of it! Winnie tried to steal iced treats from everyone around us, and I'm pretty sure she managed to pinch Archie's from him, the little sneak!

Photo by Camilla Caplin Photography
Photo by Jaime at Fachshund

After having a quick look at the wonderful stalls (Devil Dood Designs, Cotswold Pooch, Luna's Loft and Winston James Woof), and entering the luxury raffle (sadly we didn't win anything!) we settled down with cake to listen to a talk by Honey's Dog Food. Honey's are a small, family-run raw food retailer, and as we already raw-feed I was interested to hear about their products and options. People were given the opportunity to ask questions about raw feeding, how to transition their dogs to raw and the benefits of feeding your dog this way. It was super interesting! If you have any questions about raw dog food, do contact them as they will happily advise you.
Our friend Emily at Devil Dood Designs was also running a collar workshop on the day; I wanted to take part, but knew I wouldn't be able to whilst juggling both dogs! I took them outside for a little toilet break during the workshop segment, and inadvertently stumbled across a black and tan dachshund gathering. Of course, this was a perfect photo opportunity, and Belle's Mum Camilla Caplin Photography took some fabulous photos of Winnie, Belle and Heidi together. 

The evening finished with a talk about social media and photography from Steph and Camilla, which was really helpful. All in all it was a wonderful chance to get together with like-minded people, browse wonderful products and best of all; see lots of beautiful dogs! Thanks so much to Steph for organising the event, Monty and Mabel's for hosting, and to all the small businesses who attended or donated to the raffle; it was really lovely!

Have you ever been to a similar event?

Chloé, Archie and Winnie


  1. Thank you so much for the blog post on the event. I am so glad that (I think!) people enjoyed it. Thank you so much for coming, was so wonderful to see you all xx
    Love From Steph, Sev & Lily

    1. We really enjoyed it! I'm sure everyone else did too xx

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